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    • Impact of one loop corrections on light neutrino masses in the low scale susy seesaw 

      Suarez Navarro, Omar Giancarlo (Pontificia Universidad Católica del PerúPE, 2024-01-10)
      This thesis covers the study of one-loop quantum corrections to the light neutrino masses. In the first part, we examine the extension of the standard model with right-handed neutrinos, where the Seesaw type I is present, ...
    • Testing new physics in long baseline neutrino oscillation experiments 

      Díaz Desposorio, Félix Napoleón (Pontificia Universidad Católica del PerúPE, 2023-01-10)
      In this thesis, we focus on analyzing the different ways in which new physics scenarios, such as Violation of the Equivalence Principle (VEP) and Quantum Decoherence, can manifest themselves in the context of the neutrino ...